SW Region Disaster Relief

  • The Southwestern Region Disaster Relief Fund originated after historic flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on August 11, 2016 during which an appeal was made to Sorors, Philos and Rhoers region-wide for assistance. The object of this fund is to have that same kind of aid ready and waiting in order that the time lost in organizational efforts will not be lost in the next disaster. The Disaster Relief Fund is used to help assist Southwestern Region (SWR) Sorors and Affiliates who find themselves in financial distress due to the occurrence of a declared major disaster or emergency.


    If you would like to contribute to the SWR Disaster Relief Fund, you may mail a check to Southwestern Region, P.O. Box 227133, Dallas, TX 75222-7133 or click the DONATE button below. Credit cards are accepted online.


    By contributing to the Southwestern Region Disaster Relief Fund, you can ensure that your contribution directly benefits Southwestern Region members in need.